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WANTED: Houses, safe neighborhoods

posted Aug 12, 2012, 3:14 PM by Mark Dilley
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• Sun, May 20, 2012
The quality of life of working people all over the country is under attack. Even the most basic areas of survival are being snatched away by corporations and the elected gangsters they employ to do their dirty work. Who would have believed the very right to vote is being challenged, sidelined by the emergency manager process. Instead of making it easier to vote, efforts are underway to make it more difficult to vote. Welfare mothers and poor children have been thrown out into the streets, separated from cash assistance forever. Workers are losing benefits. Pensions are being taxed. Efforts to not let student loans grow have been scuttled. Street crime is rampant, while the police stations offer limited hours. 

This is our “Katrina” moment, and we need help. Predatory banks have left vacant homes to rot in every community. The Wayne County tax offices have joined forces with these crooks. Neighborhoods are under absolute assault with the empty properties contractors gut and then leave for crack-heads to complete the destruction. 

No more! Since it is clear the burden falls on us to manage our communities, we are stepping up to the task of creating neighborhoods of safety. Veterans with families and welfare mothers with children are being relocated into these structures after they are screened and secured. 

We need help! Calling on college students to help set up and man the overnight tent camps where we screen and launch neighborhood canvasses. Calling all electricians, plumbers, carpenters, retirees, glass finishers, cooks, cleaners, writers, artists, painters and visionaries who want to help stop the community terror caused by these empty homes. We need volunteer hours from you as we sweep the blocks, find properties that are ready for our tenants to move into and stabilize our safety. If not you, then who? 

If you can donate your empty home so we can remake it and place a family inside, we are waiting for your call at 313.703.4115. Call today; get ready for tomorrow, and let’s face this “Katrina” moment as we turn this nightmare around. Remember: The needs of the many outweight the wants of the few.

Housing is a Human Right Coalition