About the Coalition

Who we are

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The Housing Is a Human Right Coalition (HIHRC) organizes to assist homeless families into abandoned Detroit homes and support the safety and security of neighborhoods and communities

We are people just like you who are tired of witnessing the growing homelessness in Detroit while
abandoned and unkempt houses scatter our city.

Join the Coalition!

Fight back against homelessness in Detroit! Say ‘no’ to abandoned houses! Safeguard our neighborhoods and families!

Get updates on the Coalition’s effort to move homeless veterans and homeless ex-welfare recipients into abandoned homes. Meet families who are ready to rebuild their lives by having a safe place to live. Learn about the Nuisance Abatement program and how we can help secure thousands of homes in every neighborhood across Detroit.

The Housing Is a Human Right Coalition needs YOU:
Attorneys - Skilled Tradespersons - Real Estate Agents - Community Organizers - Block Club Leaders - Local Leaders - Gardeners - Church Members - Seniors - Students and local residents who want to improve their neighborhoods and community.

Join a committee today or make a donation to keep this important work moving. Our homeless families especially need furniture, home repair tools, appliances, linen and garden supplies. Contact the Resource Committee for more information.

Thank you!